Most Effective Birth Control

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What is the most effective birth control available on the market today?

Most Effective Birth Control

Birth control: so many choices are out there. Which ones are the best in preventing pregnancy? Which birth control is the most effective on the market today?

What is the best birth control someone can choose, the only birth control that is completely and 100 percent foul-proof? Abstinence. Abstinence is the one and only 100 percent positive way to avoid pregnancy.

If abstinence isn't the right choice for you, there are other options out there. Many are more effective than others for preventing pregnancy.

Many birth control types are highly effective, however the best choices are as follows:

-Depo Provera
-Birth Control Pill: when taken correctly and accurately.
-The Patch

The best choice from the three above is the IUD. The IUD is close to 99 percent effective when inserted correctly. The Depo shot is a close second with 97 percent effectiveness.

Whatever a birth control choice may be, the best person to talk to about the choice,is a physician.



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