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what do you do when you skip a pill?

Missed Birth Control Pill

It is highly recommended that you take the missed pill as soon as you remember. Also, take the next pill in your packet at your regular time. Experts also recommend that you use a back up method of contraception if you're having sex for the next seven days after missing the pill. You should check with your doctor for any concerns you have and read the information that came with your pills for any more information.

What are the natural methods of birth control?

Natural Methods of Birth Control

The natural methods of birth control are not as effective as other methods such as condoms and oral contraceptives. They work best on woman with regular periods who are in tune with their bodies.
Some natural methods of birth control are:
-Withdrawal: Man withdraws penis from woman's vagina before ejaculating. However, penis can release sperm throughout sex and not just during ejaculation. This method is about 60%-80% effective.
-Calendar method: Abstinence from sex during week woman is ovulating. Works best for women with regular cycles who are in tune with their bodies. This method is about 75% effective.
-The temperature method: Woman takes her basal body temperature every morning with a highly accurate basal thermometer. A specific elevation in temperature can determine that a woman is about to ovulate and thus she abstains from sex a few days before and after ovulation. However, sickness and lack of sleep can throw body temperature off. This method works best when used in conjunction with the mucus method.
-The mucus method: Track changes in the amount and texture of woman's discharge. Discharge or mucus will usually come as estrogen begins to arrive and ovulation is near. Women will avoid discourse from the day the discharge begins to show until four days after it's gone. A vaginal infection or the use of vaginal products may throw off the discharge pattern. This method works best when used in conjunction with the temperature method.
-Lactational amenorrhea method: Some experts claim that as long as a woman has had no periods since she gave birth and is nursing a specific amount, she won't get pregnant. However, a woman will probably ovulate before her period arrives and will have no warning, making this method risky.

How can a girl tell if she's pregnant? And can she tell by herself only after a month since she's had sex?

Signs of Pregnancy

There are many different signs that tell women they are pregnant, but none is more conclusive than taking an actual pregnancy test. The symptoms vary from woman to woman and many of them can be related to something other than pregnancy. Here is a list of the most common early signs of pregnancy:
-Delayed or missed period
-Nausea/morning sickness
-Tender breasts
-Darkening of areolas
-Implantation bleeding
-Frequent urination

Some women begin to show symptoms within days of becoming pregnant and some never show the signs. Again, your best bet is to take a pregnancy test and to check with your doctor for other signs of pregnancy.

I'm on birth control and might be pregnant. Will that hurt the baby if I am still taking the birth control pill?

Taking the Pill While Pregnant

There is no conclusive evidence as to whether birth control pills will harm the baby if you continue taking them while pregnant, however to be safe, you should not take the pill while pregnant. You should find out whether or not you are pregnant as soon as possible to determine if you should stop taking the pill. You should check with your doctor for any concerns you have and read the information that came with your pills for any more information.

Can we have sex after menstrual life cycle, without condoms so that, i am not pregnant. What is duration to continue like this??

Timing Ovulation

The general rule of thumb is that most women are fertile 14 days before the start of their period. Therefore, if you start your period on the first of the month and have regular, 28-day cycles, you could expect to ovulate on the 14th day of the month. Once ovulation begins with the release of the egg into the fallopian tubes, it can live for 12-24 hours.

However, unless you have received training in natural family planning from a professional and follow all instructions to the letter, this is an extremely risky way to avoid pregnancy. The only way to avoid pregnancy 100% is to abstain from sex completely, but the next best way is to protect yourself at all times using condoms and spermicide.

ive been on birthcontrol for 3 months and this last month i started it a day late and recently had unprotected sex and i began spotting. could i be pregnant?

Can You Get Pregnant While on the Pill?

Oral contraceptives have a 95% effective rate when used correctly. That means taking your pill every day at about the same time each day. If you miss a pill, or begin your cycle of pills late, the odds of you becoming pregnant increase. If you forget a pill you can protect yourself by using a backup method for the remainder of your cycle.

If you have forgotten a pill or started your cycle of pills on the wrong day and have unprotected sex, it is possible to get pregnant. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until approximately one week after your next period is due to confirm this using an over-the-counter pregnancy test. Even a blood test in your doctor's office may not be able to detect a pregnancy before this time.

How long should I take the birth control pill before I can have sex?

When Does the Birth Control Pill Start Working?

If you are taking your birth control pills using the Sunday start, you should use a back-up method of birth control for the first seven days. If you are starting your pills on the first day of your period, you are protected immediately. But remember, pills do not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. You should check with your doctor for any concerns you have and read the information that came with your pills for any more information.

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