Can You Get Pregnant While on the Pill?

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ive been on birthcontrol for 3 months and this last month i started it a day late and recently had unprotected sex and i began spotting. could i be pregnant?

Can You Get Pregnant While on the Pill?

Oral contraceptives have a 95% effective rate when used correctly. That means taking your pill every day at about the same time each day. If you miss a pill, or begin your cycle of pills late, the odds of you becoming pregnant increase. If you forget a pill you can protect yourself by using a backup method for the remainder of your cycle.

If you have forgotten a pill or started your cycle of pills on the wrong day and have unprotected sex, it is possible to get pregnant. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until approximately one week after your next period is due to confirm this using an over-the-counter pregnancy test. Even a blood test in your doctor's office may not be able to detect a pregnancy before this time.



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