Ways to Remember to Take the Pill

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How can I remember to take my birth control pill?

Ways to Remember to Take the Pill

The pill has all kinds of health benefits and personal plusses, but in order to maximize those benefits, you must remember to take it around the same time each day! For the lady on the go, this can be a challenge. Try the following tips to help you keep it on a schedule.

1) Set an alarm on your phone or watch. This is the easiest and most basic way to help yourself remember. Pick a time when you are usually free, and set an alarm to go off each day. If you are concerned about missing the pill because you don't have a free moment when the alarm goes off, set a few alarms within the same hour so that you will have another chance.

2) Change it up. If you put on a ring or bracelet every morning, switch it from one hand to the other after you take the pill. If you look down and it's still on the first hand, you'll know you missed a dose!

3) Pair it with a routine. Think of something you already do everyday, like brushing your teeth, or taking a morning shower, and take your pill whenever you do that activity. Problem solved!

4) There's an app for that. A quick search in the iTunes app store reveals options like "MyReminder," which sets an alarm for you and tracks whether and when you've taken your pill each month. Similar options are available for other smartphones like Android.

Hopefully, one (or more!) of these options will keep you on track! However, remember that if you consistently forget to take your pill, you put yourself at risk of becoming pregnant, and throw your body's hormones out of whack. If you really cannot remember to take it daily, consider an alternative form of birth control.



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