Copper IUD: Hormone-Free Birth Control

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Is there a hormone free version of birth control?

Copper IUD: Hormone-Free Birth Control

Women who smoke or who are more likely to develop blood clots should not take birth control that contains hormones, as they run the risk of suffering from a stroke. Some women dislike the mood swings and weight gain associated with the hormones in birth control. Unfortunately, the most successful forms of birth control methods including the Pill, the Depo shot, and most IUDs containing hormones. However, Copper IUDs use copper to sterilize sperm without the use of hormones. A copper IUD is implanted into the cervix in a single doctor's visit. You can keep a copper IUD in place for 10 years, compared to the 5-year limit of hormonal IUDs. At a rate of only 6 out of 1,000 women who become pregnant in the first year of use, the copper IUD is highly effective. Keep in mind that you will still need a form of protection against STDs as the copper IUD will not prevent infection. The most common type of copper IUD is Paragard.



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